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You will see the most incredible future mega projects that will change Canada from 2018 to 2030. Canada is known for a stable economy and a good political system.Canada is also known for its rude winter and for being a rich and developed country,even if not every citizens enjoy the Canadian prosperity. But there are a lot of bright projects that will change the future of Canada.

5- Oakridge mall redevelopment in Vancouver.
This small mall will be transformed into something incredible. New condo towers will be built wit an incredible architecture. A new city will be built there.
4- Lebreton flats redevelopment in Ottawa.
Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
A mega project of 4 Billion dollar will transform this small city.
A new arena,malls,public places and more will be built.

3-Royalmount mega mall in Montreal
Montreal recently changed a lot.Now Montreal is full of skyscrapers and the city enjoy a better standard of living in comparison to a decade ago. Royalmount will be the biggest shopping mall in Canada. This 2 billion project will be finished in 2022.

2- ICE District in Edmonton
Edmonton is the second biggest city in Alberta and the sixth largest in Canada. Edmonton is known of the West edmonton mall and for its cool airport. But ICE District will change this little city. Ice District will be the biggest entertaining centre in North America.

1- The Toronto Waterfront redevelopment in Toronto
Toronto is economic heart of Canada and the largest city of the country. Toronto has many beautiful and futuristic skyscrapers and a modern architecture. One Yonge will transform the toronto skyline forever . One Yonge will feature 3 skyscrapers of 265,280 and 307 meters tall. The project will cost 2 billion and will open in 2022.
Not too far from there,CIBC Sqauare will be another 2 Billion mega project consisting of 2 skyscrapers. YSL will come very soon too with its 343 meters tall in height.