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Buying a Cityplace Condo can be a great investment if done properly; knowing the local neighborhoods in the GTA where values have increased immensely over the past 10 years is the secret. As a Cityplace Condo investor, knowing these locations will help my clients in succeeding with their investment. I have worked with all types of Cityplace Condos including Lofts, Townhouses and Commercial units

As a top Cityplace Real Estate Agent I recognize that buyers and sellers alike have limited time when home hunting or researching the best methods to market their homes for sale.  I will walk you through the process step by step and answer all your questions and discuss any concerns you may have. Visit my huge selection of Cityplace condos for sale section here

CityPlace condos for sale

Condos for sale in Cityplace – A few points to remember

  • When buying a new condo in Cityplace from a builder, please note that you will pay an occupancy fee prior to the building being registered. And all other hidden costs that come with pre-construction units.
  • Educate yourself. Think about your lifestyle and the needs it will demand, your lifestyle will direct you to the best location and style, type of unit that you desire.
  • Do your due diligence and hire an experienced Agent that has a buying strategy that works around your timetable and needs.
  • Make an informed decision when buying a condo, take your time but don’t take too long as Cityplace Condos in prime neighborhoods will sell quick.

If you like to receive condos that match your criteria through e-mail, then please fill out the form below or give us a call to speak to him.

Below is a guide to all the newly registered and pre construction Cityplace condo inventory. As a Cityplace real estate agent, I thought it would be a great idea to build a true condo guide as consumers are having a difficult time keeping up with all the development.

I will be updating the guide as-frequently-as possible with video; consumers can also click the link above to search all Cityplace condos and lofts for sale on Mls.

I want to Sell my condo in Cityplace! Where do I Start?

Selling a condo in Cityplace can be a difficult and long process if not tackled correctly right from the outset. As a seasoned Realtor, I might have a biased opinion as to how it should be done. But to my credit my opinion stems from a long successful career in selling Real Estate.

When selling, it is vital that you choose the right Realtor to represent the sale, it is essential that the person you hire is not only competent but has a strategy and marketing plan that is tailor made for your situation and the home’s condition. My advice; interview at least 4-6 Realtors before signing anything. After all we are talking about one of the, if not the biggest investment in your portfolio, you owe it to yourself to make the right decision.

A key component to selling is price; I can’t stress enough the importance of pricing the property according to market conditions. If you choose to over price your home, the odds of selling it for top dollar decrease with each day it’s listed.

Condos for sale in Cityplace – A few things to do before selling

Prior to listing your condo in Cityplace there are things that should be done in order to make the house presentable, such as clean, clean and clean some more, repair any defects that the home may have. These are just a few of the many things that need to be done. Home staging is a great way to really spruce things up! Home Staging is not for everyone as it can become quite costly, but it doesn’t hurt to have a designer come in and consult you. Another great trick is to invest in a complete home inspection, so the buyer does not need to order its own, which in turn will allow the buyer to act quicker and be more comfortable.

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