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Golden skyscraper Toronto

Toronto could be getting a golden skyscraper. Canadian, architectural, firm and Giannone Patrick Oni Associates has unveiled plans to build a 79 storey golden tower in Toronto. The skyscraper would be two hundred and sixty-six meters in height.

According to urban Toronto, the building’s exterior resembles a pleated curtain which reflects sunlight from different angles. To create a sense of movement. The development would cover a gross floor area of roughly 120 1965 square meters.

It would include three levels of retail space at the bottom of the building. While the rest of the tower would be residential, the building’s. Main lobby would include escalators to the tower shopping area, while the elevators would be available for residents looking to return home or visit the building sky lobby urban Toronto reports that architects have also proposed a five level underground garage and 500 bicycle parking spaces once completed the Building would be connected to Toronto’s Bay’s subway station according to urban Toronto.

If the building was completed today, it would be the fifth tallest building in the city setting data from the council on tall buildings and urban habitats. Bloomberg reports that Toronto is expected to surpass Chicago as home to the second highest number of skyscrapers in North America.

The city is currently home to 67 skyscrapers Toronto, currently has 31 skyscrapers under construction and has proposed an additional fifty nine towers. Chicago now has 126 skyscrapers and 19 other skyscrapers that are either under construction or have been proposed for more news.

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